Ways You Can Handle Stress Like a Superstar

Before we start talking about the ways in which you can handle stress, let’s debunk one myth as reported by the Stress Management Society, that

“Stress is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing.  Without this brilliant ability to feel stress, humankind wouldn’t have survived.”

Although I agree with them, maybe there could’ve been a better substitute for the word ‘brilliant’ because sometimes, stress can turn you into a walking, talking train wreck.

Stress is a combination of things, psychological pressures mixed with your body’s physical response to it and too much of it can have a very unhealthy effect on your body and your mental state.

Here are 5 ways in which you can handle stress like a superstar!

1. Identify the Source

There could be many different reasons for why people get stressed out and it’s usually situational.  Sometimes, stress can be temporary but other times, it can be something that’s been going on for a long time.  You need to watch out for major stressors because they can have a huge negative impact on your health overtime.  It helps a lot to be conscious of why certain things make you feel the way they do – and more than half the power to change that is in the awareness itself.  Think about if it’s your boss, your workplace or maybe toxic relationships that are holding you back.

Once you have identified what is causing you to become stressed, you can then go in with the intention of fixing it.  Knowledge truly is power and then you can decide what you want to do to tackle it and change it around.

2. Take Control!

Sometimes you have to live by Nike’s famous words, “Just Do It”.

Seriously, there’s no better way to deal with stress than to try and actively fix or at least help the situation at hand.  If it’s really bothering you and stressing you out, it’s definitely worth exploring your options on what you can do to take care of the situation and how you can make it better.  I’m not going to tell you to be reckless here, though.  If you do decide to go through with trying to find out how the problem can be better tackled, be level-headed, objective and more focused on the logical side of things.  For example, if you had a fallout with a friend, instead of going around being passive aggressive, try sitting them down and making sure that they understand your side of the story and also hear them out.

Identifying the problem and facing it head strong is sometimes one of the best things you could do.

3. Healthy Lifestyle


Having a healthy lifestyle helps a ton for when it comes to dealing with stress.

This includes eating properly throughout the day, laying off the junk food and actually taking time out to exercise!  The way you treat your body, your body treats you.  This is because the food you have can cause your body to react in ways that wouldn’t be ideal.  For example, if you drink tons of caffeine every morning, you’re more likely to heighten your anxiety.  Refined sugars, high sodium foods also tend to have the same effect.  If you’re someone that comfort eats, reconsider this as an option for stress reduction.

Be nice to it, and take care of yourself. In the long run, it’ll be worth it and you’re going to thank yourself.

4. Take a Break

Try to take a break from everything.

Learn that balance is important in life.  Some people take the edge of by working a lot but there’s a fair share of people who aren’t built this way.  If you’re not a workaholic and working too much just adds on to your stress, take time out to do the things that really help you de-stress.  Personally, one of the best ways for me to tackle stress is through traveling.  I love traveling and I find that getting away from the constant hustle and bustle of daily life every once in a while can truly change a lot around because it puts everything into perspective.

If you don’t really have the option to travel, try to take time off for your family and relationships.  Do things that you genuinely enjoy doing – recreation-wise.  Everyone is different in terms of what makes them unwind.  Some people get a massage, others take a couple of days off and some even need something as small as listening to music to change their mood around!

5. Acceptance for What Can’t Be Changed


Sometimes, certain things cannot necessarily be changed in life—and that’s okay.  One of the indicators of someone being a strong person is the ability to adapt to their environment and show resilience.  Life can be a lot of things, and difficult at times is definitely one of them.  Ultimately, no one’s perfect but it’s important to keep in mind that a good attitude and positive mind state can take you a long way, even for those times when you can’t necessarily control your situation.  Letting go of something that cannot be controlled is you started to accept the situation for what it is.  Essentially, this takes the power out from the situation and puts it back in your hands.

To Wrap it Up,

Handling stress is not something that’s easy and although there are many benefits to stress as a natural response in our bodies, too much can cause a lot of damage.  Throughout life, we all come across situations that really push our stress buttons and the pressure seems like it’s on!  Through these steps, you can start to learn the best way to manage your stress because at the end of the day, everyone handles stress differently.

Once you practice this enough, you’ll come to realize that it’s not as bad as what it might seem in our heads and that there is always a solution and a bigger picture.

What I Learned From Mark Zuckerberg

Programming video games and messenger apps since a pre-teen, Zuckerberg always had a knack for coding and technology.

Today, he is one of the most influential people in the world by creating Facebook that has exceeded a market value of 500 Billion USD this year with 2.07 billion monthly active users.

Those are some pretty big numbers for making the world a smaller place.

Zuckerberg successfully revolutionized communication, from the way we share and connect with our friends and family halfway across the world, to the way we consume content.

It’s even affected the way we share our lives, how businesses interact with consumers and breached the barriers to politics.

What started off as a project and a hobby instantly grew to become a huge internet phenomenon.

I’m here to build something for the long term. Anything else is just a distraction.

Zuckerberg’s idea became a true reality. What made him successful?

Let’s talk about the 5 important life lessons I’ve learned from his story:

1. Use The ‘Hacker Way Approach’

The ‘Hacker Way Approach’ is a theory that suggests everything can be improved and nothing is set in stone. This is something that I strongly believe myself.

There’s always room for improvements and Mark Zuckerberg believes that ‘nothing is ever complete’.

According to an article on Wired:

Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.

Zuckerberg claims that ‘hacking’ as a word has been given a negative connotation.

It makes you think about people who break into computers to steal information or breach privacy.

However, that’s not the case at all.

He believes that a ‘hacker’ is someone who can,

Build something quickly and test the boundaries of what can be done.

It’s also a way through how something can be continuously improved upon and requires the ability to explore and think outside the box.

2. Think About the Impact

The question I ask myself like almost every day is, “Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?

Another factor that contributed towards Zuckerberg’s immense success is having focus, vision and being able to create the biggest impact.

The tech-genius claims that although it sounds pretty simple, you’d be surprised at how many companies do it poorly which wastes a lot of time.

Time is one of the most important and valuable aspects of everyone’s life.  Everything great, takes time and patience to create.  This is one of the reasons for why everyone should be extremely picky about wasting their own and anyone else’s time as it’s something that we can never get back.

With that said, put time towards making the biggest impact you can.  Whether it’s in the workplace, starting your own business, launching a new product or making a difference in someone else’s life, be able to identify the most important problems to solve because that’s how you’ll make the biggest impact in society.

3. Pedal to the Medal

Zuckerberg believes that one should,

Move fast and break things. Unless you’re breaking stuff, you’re not moving fast enough.

This enables us to learn at a faster pace and build more, especially in our ever-growing and fast-paced markets.

You’ve got to be able to make decisions and be resilient in order to get ahead of the game.

As more businesses grow, they tend to slow down out of fear of taking the wrong risk.

This can cost you a lot of opportunities in the bigger picture.

If you’re someone who works to perfect everything, drop

4. The Biggest Risk is Not Taking Any Risks

So many businesses get worried about looking like they might make a mistake, they become afraid to take any risk. Companies are set up so that people judge each other on failure.

You have to be bold and you have to be fearless.

This is one of the core values on how Facebook is run.

You could have an amazing idea but waiting for the right execution may never come.

Sometimes, if the opportunity doesn’t present itself, you have to make the opportunity.

In a world changing so rapidly, not taking any risks can definitely leave you behind and contribute towards your failure.

For example, Facebook bought Oculous for 2 Billion USD.  Mark claims that if they had done a better job of building up some of the expertise to do that internally, then maybe they wouldn’t have to buy it.

However, since they didn’t, it just made sense to go and do that than have pride and not be willing to change anything.

The riskiest thing is to not take any risks.”

Make calculated choices and take bold decisions even if it could turn out to be wrong at the time.

5. Have Value

Having a true purpose behind what you’re do is essential to building a successful business.

This goes hand-in-hand with what I previously mentioned about thinking about the impact and keeping a clear vision.

Building a real value for the world in everything you do is important to your growth and learning experience.

Being passionate about what you do and why you do it will accelerate your success.

Zuckerberg stands as an example by claiming:

My goal was never to just create a company. It was to build something that actually makes a really big change in the world.

In Conclusion,

Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.

It’s undeniably impressive the way Zuckerberg has successfully managed to change the game of Internet-based social networking at such a young age.

The implications Facebook’s success are countless and impeccable, making him one of the world’s youngest billionaires.

Zuckerberg continues to be an inspiration to many around the world and has helped connect billions of people.

He keeps on growing and makes constant changes to an already multi-billion dollar company, which shows his drive for success is eternal and always improving.