Do These 6 Things to Make Sure Your Resume Gets Read

On average, every job opening in the corporate industry attracts around 250 resumes.  Only 4 to 6 candidates are called into an interview and only 1 is offered the job. Seems pretty intimidating, doesn’t it? It is. That’s also why it’s extremely important that your resume portrays you in the right light otherwise you might […]

What Not to Say in an Interview

It’s totally normal to get nervous before an interview.  You never know what’s going to happen, what you’re going to be asked or how to prep for it.  Worse case scenario, your nerves get the best of you even though you know you’re fit for the job. So, let me help you secure that opportunity […]

6 Incredible Reasons You Need to Start Power Dressing

Every individual has a unique style and clothing is one of the biggest ways to express it. The way we dress can influence their position or authority in the workplace. Power dressing is a phenomenon that came about in the 1920s and started with the Chanel suit. The suit was a representation of a turning […]

Why Job Title Means Nothing

In the past when it came to the business world, job titles were pretty simple and straight-forward. You were either “the boss” or not. Today, with the workplace continuously evolving and advancing, some people have been given much more fancier-sounding titles. For example, what the heck is a “Dean of Pizza” or “Waste Management and […]

8 things I learned from Richard Branson

Keep things fun and keep going – this is just one of the many simple, yet powerful ideas, that I personally learned from Richard Branson himself.  Imagine, for a man who is in his 60s and very accomplished, Branson still says that he doesn’t want to retire and that there’s still so much for him […]

How to Make a Killer First Impression

Did you know that the moment you meet someone new, they’ve already made an impression about you?  It just takes one tenth of a second.  Everyone judges, consciously or subconsciously – it’s human nature and uncontrollable.  It’s just the way our minds work. I’ll give you some time to take that in. Done? I’m sure […]

5 Ways Smart People Deal With Difficult People

We all face difficult people. While some come across them every now and again, the unlucky ones have to deal with them on a daily basis whether it’s in the workplace or at home. It can be pretty easy to lose your calm and cool because difficult people can be very challenging to deal with. […]