Sanofi-Aventis Group Motivational Keynote Speech By Shereen Mitwalli

About Motivational

Shereen is renowned for her captivating and motivational speeches which inspires the mass audience to push them to take action and achieve great results. Mentored by Tony Robbins, she now coaches members of the royal families, CEOs, thought leaders from the region, and celebrities.

As a certified life and communication coach, Shereen is able to motivate and captivate an audience of all sizes.

With a continued proven track record coaching CEO’s, senior executives and women in business – Shereen speaks to all genres giving them learnings from her work with the likes of Richard Branson, Jack Ma and Tony Robbins.

Subjects Include

  • Winning mindset
  • Reset for success
  • Secrets to having it all
  • How to speak so people listen


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